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Our Mission

Well Baby Center's mission is to provide the necessary tools and resources to new parents in order to enable happy, healthy families and communities to grow and flourish.

Our Vision

Well Baby’s integrative, multi-disciplinary perspective is drawn from the fields of psychoanalytic theory, developmental psychology, infant brain science, and attachment theory -- all of which have shown that when we as parents are able to mindfully reflect on our interactions with our children, three things occur: we don't burden them with our own unresolved childhood issues, we help them to reach their full developmental potential, and we help them to build satisfying, lifelong relationships with others. We strive to guide parents through the process of self-healing and discovery so they can be present to their new child's budding sense of self.

Our Philosophy

Well Baby Center's philosophy is rooted in the field of infant-family mental health. We believe that nurturing early relationships are the cornerstones of an infant’s emotional, cognitive, and physical growth and development. Infants and toddlers rely on their parents to make sense of their world through a parent's ability to mindfully attend to his or her child’s emotional needs. This process is crucial to normal brain growth during early development. Parents need lots of support for this vital act of devotion.  That's where Well Baby Center comes in. We provide the social support that has been found to be the single most important protective factor for preventing parental depression and anxiety: both harmful for a developing child's mind.  By sensitively working with new parents in a gentle mental health setting, we aim to eradicate entrenched, multi-generational family issues and to alleviate common feelings of overwhelm new parents often suffer. Our parenting center provides what parents seem to need most: a like-minded community where they can truly belong. We Hold the Whole Family.



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