About Well Baby Center

Well Baby Center offers affordable individual, couples, and child and family counseling, parent-child groups, parenting classes, and parent coaching provided by a team of therapists who are working toward licensure in the state of California under the supervision of licensed therapists.

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Our Mission

Well Baby Center attends to the needs of vulnerable families and children by providing accessible prevention and early intervention programs with a focus on Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health (IECMH).


Our Philosophy

Healthy early relationships are the cornerstones of all infants’ emotional, cognitive, and physical growth and development. In addition to providing clinical services and parenting education we provide social support opportunities, which has been found to be the single most important protective factor against family dysfunction.  


We believe that when parents mindfully reflect on their interactions with their children, three things occur: they don’t burden them with their own unresolved childhood issues; they help them reach their full developmental potential; and they help them build lifelong relationships with others.

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